Wildlife in Focus – Book VIII

Look at page 1 laid out With John Grunwald, Martell Speigner, Crystal Mead & Bert Barrera at Grunwald Printing

The first page of Wildlife in Focus-Book VIII is approved and on the press! What a glorious day!!! Photo taken with John Grunwald, Martell Speigner & Bert Barrera at Grunwald Printing.

Up close look at page 2 at Grunwald Printing The second page is color checked and ready to go. It will take 3 weeks to get all 189 pages completed. Burt Barrera plays the keyboard on this press like a maestro. I am amazed at how detailed it is. While we’re on the subject of the book… Have you pre-ordered your copies of Book VIII yet? The price goes up significantly after the premier on October 7th. To preorder,