Wildlife in Focus 2025 Photo
and Video Contest Overview

The rules for all 3 contests are described in a single rules document. (Please open in Google Chrome)

Why Enter This Contest?

This opportunity is unlike any other photo contest and is really about getting out to experience and explore wildlife, to share your experience with others and to create new relationships and friendships with others that enjoy wildlife. 

This contest provides a unique opportunity for private landowners and photographers to get to know each other and work together as a team in this contest.

For a landowner you have the opportunity to see your own land through the lens of a photographer, to obtain a portfolio of up to 100 images that showcase the diversity of life on your land, all with the opportunity to win money. As a consideration, to hire a photographer to come and provide you with a portfolio of wildlife images from your land would cost $1000’s of dollars with no chance of winning money.

For a Photographer you have the unique opportunity to experience and photograph wildlife on private land without crowds. As a consideration a “normal” photography trip with hotel, park access, photo leader cost, transportation etc, would cost you $1000’s of dollars…much more than the entry fee, and you would not be the opportunity to win money…or more importantly make new friends with your landowner teammate. Participating in the contest will cause you to really improve your photography skills. Some past participants started entering as amateur’s and are now full time professionals leading tours around the world!.


  • Three Contest Types will be run concurrently from Feb 21-May 31, 2025
  • 1) Team of Landowner with a Photographer
  • 2) Individual Photographer Contest
  • 3) Video Contest
  • Prize Purse: $40,000 for Team Contest including $2,400 for the video contest. A separate $5,000 for Individual Contest

Team Contest (Private Landowners)

  • Eligibility: Private Landowners in Texas, any size land
  • Entry Fee: $500 (includes entry for both Team Photo & Video Contest)
  • Photographers can be paired with landowners by WIF
  • Prize Split: 50/50 between landowner and photographer
  • Grand Prize based on portfolio point accumulation

Team Contest (Photographers)

  • Entry Fee: $500 (includes entry for both Team Photo & Video Contest)
  • 2-person teams: $500 team entry fee
  • Prize Split: 50/50 between landowner and photographer
  • Grand Prize based on portfolio point accumulation

Individual Competition

  • Entry Fee: Ranges from $100 to $500
  • Photographers can win awards and prize money
  • WIF provides list of available landowners

Video Contest

  • Entry included in Team Photo Contest or specific Individual Photo Contest entry
  • Separate entry: $100 (video-only)
  • 8 Categories, $2400 prize purse
  • Refer to Attachment A for details

Contest Dates

  • February 21, 2025, 12:01am to May 31, 2025, 11:59pm
  • Photos must be taken on designated land during this period
  • RAW format with minimum 12MP camera

Submission Rules

  • Up to 3 images per category
  • 50 categories available
  • Images must be withheld from public display until after Awards Banquet

Image Requirements

  • Submit up to 100 images for judging
  • Include RAW, TIFF, and JPG files
  • No alterations beyond dust removal and normal cropping

Access & Partnerships

  • Team photographers receive free access and assistance from landowners
  • Individual photographers arrange access and may pay fees

Contest Format

  • Photographers partnered with landowners
  • Images must be taken on partner’s land during contest period
  • Judging is anonymous; cash prizes awarded for top images per category
  • Winning photographs published in a book available for sale